• 14.8 million people displaced by Boko Haram
    The war against Boko Haram, the worlds deadliest terror group, has uprooted
    14.8 million people in the northeastern Nigeria who now face the threat of famine.
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    Ethiopia needs $1.4 billion of food aid this year
    The continent needs at least $4.5 billion for emergency relief, but just a fraction of that has been raised sofar,
    even as analysis shows that an early response is far cheaper than a late one.
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    Education is a right not a previledge
    Only 50 percent of Refugees children have access to primary education, compared with
    a global average of more than 90 per cent. The gap widens as these children become older.

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We are Dream Foundation.

Dream Foundation was founded in 2005, following massive displacements of refugees mostly Women and Children in Sub-sahara Africa due to Famine and Insurgent activities to help millions who had fled or lost their homes

Today, over 12 years later, our organization is still hard at work, protecting and assisting refugees in Africa

With your support, we can continue

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Dream Life Foundation work round the clock to protect and assist refugees particulary women and children all over troubled Africa regions. But we need your help to continue.


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At Dream For Life Foundation, We focus all resources to Project that that make a different and provide the life Displaced victims so long for.

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